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The "Our Safe World" is an original statement of the artist Photography Mark Czarnecki on contemporary world in which we live and which provide a high level of security at the same time imposes on us a lot of limitations, which we have accepted each other as a necessary expense to ensure our status we achieved in recent decades years.

The author does not intend to discuss the validity of the restrictions adopted, while going through photo project to present its author's point of view, denounced by means of photographic images created on the basis of his own invention, and implemented with the participation of extras - volunteers.

By eloquence images author intends to address the recipient forcing him to think or reflect on the essence of our times and possible options for further development of our culture and civilization.

The project will end the exhibition which is an original statement was based on observations and reflections on the contemporary world and also his description of the sample based on the accepted way of making and arranging photos, as well as through the elements in them recurring.

Photos of the project are done on location in urban, rural, industrial, on public transport, places serving the cultural and sporting events, as well as the natural landscape of the type of fields, forests, grasslands, crops, etc., is expected to share the extras - volunteers from a dozen to about a hundred people in one session.



 Marek Czarnecki
Artist Photographer