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Marek Czarnecki - photographer and member of the Association of Polish Art Photographers. Cultivates artistic photography and advertising. He has won many prestigious awards, including six times winner of the British Oscar statuette awarded by the MPA in the UK.

He runs his own advertising photography studio and art, combining the artistic work and passion with work. Performs work of advertising for many companies in Poland, Russia, Germany and Great Britain. In addition, deals with architecture and landscape photography. His passion is panorama photography, which is grown for many years and is used in advertising and in their artistic activities.

It belongs to the elite companies focusing on the world's leading creators of The Master Photographers Association (UK), International Association of Panoramic Photographers (USA), British Instiitute of Professional Photography (UK), Federation of European Photographers.

He is an artist that his work sign with Epson Digigraphie Certificate, which is a testament to the quality of the photographers, artists and museums - a guarantee of high standards for the digital reproduction of art. It is a technique that provides the highest standard of digital reproductions of works of art, which provides a sense of security and reliability of the expectations of museums, galleries and purchasers of limited editions.

In his archive has over 7000 panoramas from various Polish, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Author of many photo albums, working with publishing houses in Poland, Germany and the UK and Dubai. He conducts seminars in the field of advertising photography in Russia, Bulgaria, Romania and Ukraine. His works are in many private collections in the world.

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 Marek Czarnecki
Artist Photographer